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Any WiFi is better than nothing right now, but some wifi is nearly unusable. For instance, SQ A380 one is incredibly slow, prone to drop-put and the maximum plan you can get for the flight is 50MB, which you would soon use up if you are trying to send a large-ish attachment to your email and it keeps dropping out and it has to start again. I had to buy two lots of 50MB on a flight, and it felt a bit annoying paying something like USD 40 (USD 20 x 2, from memory) after paying 8k for the trip although I got over it. It's the OnAir system from memory.

Anyway, it took nearly an hour to send a 20MB attachment (that's when it didn't drop out part-way) due to its slow speed. It wasn't an exception as that's pretty normal on the SQ A380. On the other hand their newer system on their A350 is far superior, much faster, and it's a timed flat rate, and isn't so prone to drop-out (basically, thankfully that is also the case on their 77W). This one I think is Panasonic.

In my experience though their A380 had less downtime (but lots and lots of drop-outs) than their A350/77W.

Then I recently used the wifi on LX on their 77W. The speed is about the same as the SQ A350/77W, but the pricing was pretty steep, at 50MB for CHF 19 I think, up to 120MB for CHF 59 (smaller plans are available). Quite a bit of downtime also.

Both LX and SQ ones are payable regardless of the cabin.

On the other hand JL one is timed rather than based on MB, and free for the whole flight for F passengers, and the speed seems to be similar to SQ A350/77W and LX 77W. (JL also have free wifi on their wifi-equipped domestic fleet.). I haven't noticed much downtime but this was mainly for a different route so it's not really fair to compare the downtime with others.

From what I gather (in fact based on the speed reported by users it is probably a fact rather than my guess), BA's is faster than any of those, and the pricing seems to be pretty sensible, so I hope it's a good, reliable one when it eventually gets installed on non-747s. Sadly no 747s on the routes I fly, so I am currently having to fly other carriers on longer journeys.

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