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Originally Posted by Sunny54 View Post
July 4 (Wed) - July 4 parade in downtown. flattop mountain hike. How can we get there? We will not have a car until tomorrow. Uber or any other public transportation? I see a shuttle bus offered by a bike shop in downtown ($ 23 per person). Will that be a better option?
Rent a car or use that shuttle. There really isn't anything better. The closest public transportation can get you is the Dimond Center, from which it is a $22 one-way Uber/Lyft ride to the Glen Alps trailhead (with a small amount of hassle, you can get slightly closer and shave maybe a couple bucks off that fare by getting off around Lake Otis and Abbott or Old Seward and O'Malley, but either way, it's vastly more expensive than the shuttle from downtown).

Originally Posted by Sunny54 View Post
July 16 (Mon) - Flight home is at midnight from Anchorage. Start driving back to Anchorage. If we are in homer, it will be a long drive to Anchorage (5 hours??). We will not have much time in homer, but we can at least just see what it is all about. My concern is about the drive back on the last day, and making it to airport in time.
I think the rest of your itinerary sounds absolutely fantastic, and thank you for doing Alaska justice and planning a long enough trip with time to get out into the wilderness and not just cruise by it on a cruise bus like the vast majority of tourists who come to Alaska!

I have friends who think Homer is the loveliest spot on earth. I don't see it; it's kind of a mishmash of a town set on a sort-of-ugly bluff with a decent view over a bay with some mountains across the water just beyond the Spit. Nice enough, but given a choice between the two destinations on the Peninsula, I vastly prefer the spectacular fjordlands of Seward, not to mention that Seward is a much easier drive. That said, Homer is worth checking out as a sort of artsy-hippie commune with a bit of Alaska thrown in (it's been referred to as a drinking town with a fishing problem), but it's not usually near the top of my personal recommendations. I have many friends who would vehemently disagree, though, so you could go either way.

The only thing I might caution you about is that last day driving to the airport. The Seward Highway (most often the stretch between Potter Marsh and Portage) occasionally gets shut completely down by the police due to collisions. It's not frequent, but it does happen at least several times each summer. It's a dangerous stretch of highway, and there are always impatient people stuck behind slow-moving tourists (especially RVs) who get tired of waiting and take a chance passing in a dangerous manner with deadly results. Closures can last for hours, and since it is the only route between the Kenai Peninsula and Anchorage, there's no way to get around a closure. People do miss their flights because they can't get to the airport after their day down south. I would imagine that local airline staff are understanding when that happens and will generally gladly rebook you on the next available flight (under the "flat tire rule"), but if you have somewhere important to be upon your arrival back home, you may want to consider planning to arrive in ANC a bit earlier.
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