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Originally Posted by sbedelman View Post
I recently refunded a full fare Y ticket. There had been several changes and add collects so the refund was split between three Amex cards. Two of them were accounts I hold and are still open and those refunds posted but the third was not. The refund confirmation from UA lists the last four digits of an Amex number for each account and Amex cannot find any account tied to me for the last card so they asked me to provide the full account number that UA credited. I emailed UA Refunds asking for this information and UA ignored the request and replied with the same information as they had previously, the last four digits. I emailed again and they ignored that message entirely. A third email has similarly been ignored.

Amex has opened a dispute but if United refuses to say where they sent my $3,200 it's not clear how Amex is going to be find it.

I've had some real head shakers with UA over the years but this one is in a class by itself. Anybody have a suggestion what to do next?
Your situation (multiple credit cards) sounds a little odd to me, but United's response sounds all too familiar.

I ran into this a couple years ago when I attempted to get a refund from UA on a fully refundable ticket. The phone number routed me to their website and vice versa. I filed a complaint with DOT and suddenly UA was incredibly responsive.
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