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Originally Posted by canopus27 View Post
the primary reasons why they recently announced they are moving their reservation system to Amadeus.
That is at least a consistent rumor/justification. Amadeus (apparently) is a single system for all its customers. With proper configuration, a given airlines representative could see all the other airlines ... well, whatever is in the CRS. With Sabre(??) , not just is Sabre different, but every specific airlines Sabre is different.

So, an interairline Amadeus rebooking might take the same amount of time for an agent as rebooking internally, say, 5 minutes. Rebooking someone whose records are in Sabre might take 15 minutes.... If you had an agent trained with Sabre. Or, for that matter, 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Spending the 10 minutes (or 30 seconds) of a more highly trained agents time might be unreasonable from the perspective of the 21st century airline using Amadeus. Especially when it is to only make a PAX who isn't really their customer happier.
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