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Originally Posted by FlyingScientist View Post
Accident scene with unconscious motorcyclist.

German driving test: Remove helmet.
UK driving test: Do not remove helmet.
Yes interesting which one is right. UK because if a brain trauma removal of helmet by a non medic could cause more damage is the thought behind it.

On the seat belt item I was told it is against FAA regulations from infants to use the lap belts for some of the reasons given above on safety in crash landing.
This maybe so but I would much rather have a baby strapped in in case of unforseen turbulance. Holding a baby tight in your hands for a transatlantic trip for so many hours is asking for trouble in the event of sudden turbulence. Much to be said for having an infant in their own seat even if they have to be on lap for take off and landing and unfortunately turbulance with no belt.
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