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Originally Posted by AllActionBarbie View Post
We were on a BA flight (operated by Comair) today from Johannesburg to Cape Town with AllActionBaby (who should probably now be called AllActionToddler) and after the safety video as we were taxiing I asked for a seatbelt for her.

The FA told us that they donít advise use of infant seatbelts as if we had to adopt the brace position the buckle on the adult belt and their buckle could potentially hurt the child. Surely the potential of being thrown up into the air if we hit turbulence or something is just as bad?? Also if you have a wriggly toddler who wants to run around the seatbelt is a good way of securing them!

I spent the whole flight hanging on to her for dear life

has as anyone else ever heard of this??
Interestingly we flew comair about 3 weeks ago and we were given an infant seat belt for our little girl. Guess they couldnít find the one for your flight or the rules changed in the last 3 weeks....itís africa so perfectly possible
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