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Originally Posted by Gorcat View Post
Thank you for that interesting trip report, although it makes me feel very selfish for never doing a report of my own, especially after receiving great advice on here over the years resulting in all my flights in recent years being in J and F

My wife is also gluten free and finds the meals she receives in CE GLA-LHR and also to North America from LHR are excellent, just like eating a gluten free meal in a restaurant at home. However the gluten free meals on the flights to LHR from the USA and Canada are shockingly poor as well as bland - and that is in F

The cabin crew always apologize in advance (although obviously not their fault), complaint is made to BA, she gets extra Avios, but all she wants is a decent meal.
The g/f meals prepared in the UK these days are great but surely BA must have a say on what type of g/f meals are prepared overseas!
I'm usually a lurker, but have also benefited greatly from this forum, so thought I would share my experience, especially as it was a good one.
My wife has been disappointed with her meals in the past, Thai in J was especially poor a few years ago, and normally she just gets an "economy" SPML served nicely in J or F. Our last trip was BA F to Boston, and thanks to this forum, YouFirst and being able to pre-select meals, she was able to pre-order a regular F meal that just happened to be gluten free. Also, on board, the crew can provide a "chefs chat" sheet, which lists the allergens in amuse bouche, starers and deserts, not just the main course. I've written a trip report on that too, and have contributed to a few gluten free discussions on here. I guess if search for my posts you'll find them.
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