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Originally Posted by fruitylicious View Post
Hi I know I'm new here, but I just wanted to post if someone else had a similar experience and could help: So anyone remember the Amex Neiman Marcus offer back in January? It was $50 off $200 and I bought two $200 eGift cards (with two different Amex cards) and traded them into ABC Giftcards. They were accepted and I received a check in the mail shortly after. Well just last week, I got a letter from a collection agency stating that I owed ABC that traded-in amount of $320. Is this even legal? The trade in was 10 months ago and I never used the eGift cards. I looked online and found similar stories but those had no resolution. And I called ABC & Cardcash but kept getting the run around and the collection agency won't help either. Am I out of luck or anyone have any advice on what to do?
From what I read on the net, those NM e-gift cards are NOT properly activated by the provider. Hence those cards have NO value, unfortunately. The problem with those who sold their e-gift cards are, now the buyers of those cards wanted their money back from the consolidator who sold them the cards as those cards are worthless. Once the consolidators settled the claims with the buyers, then they traced back to WHO sold the worthless gift cards to them. They dont bother to inform YOU the sellers but sent the job to collection agency.

This is the peril of buying the gift cards then immediately reselling it to cash out. Because anything not working in the middle, eventually going back to haunt you. There is no solution other than contacting NM who sold you the worthless e-GC.
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