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Originally Posted by keatm1 View Post
Would appreciate some MINT advice...are the MINT prices dynamic? (ie. do they go up and down or only up) - I'm looking at LAS to BOS in Jan and the MINT prices for both flights are already at $1149 with only 3 seats sold. Any advice or experience with pricing being reduced ? Thanks
Have some experience monitoring this, but was last Jan and JFK-LAX so many not apply. In my experience, prices are fairly high until about a month out and then, assuming a fair amount of seats remaining, prices will start to come down. But even on JFK-LAX this usually only happens for early morning and late night flights. Prices may be well into the $1,000+ range but a couple of flights will usually drop to $759 with a couple of weeks before departure. Of course, waiting for this you risk the flight booking and the price not dropping.

I suggest setting up Google flight tracking so you can monitor.
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