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Originally Posted by Chewie View Post
As a career microbiologist (with plenty of fancy, over-priced degrees), I approve this thread.

A few caveats, however.

If virus transmission is a concern, the salt has a minimal effect. There are also plenty of organisms (spores) and salinophiles (salt-lovers) that can survive the salt. There's not enough salt to act as a preservation method, it's more for the flavor.

There's also not enough heat exposure to have a major effect on the bioburden. There's also not a single layer or sufficient dispersion of heat to ensure every nut gets the same heat exposure.

Most important (then I'm done with my soapbox), I really, really like Pecans and I demand retribution for the OP just on that basis, alone!
Thanks for a terrific post! ^

Originally Posted by Chewie View Post
Ironically, I wonder if people assume the pillows, blankets and seat backs are steam-cleaned between passenger contact periods. The air jets aren't sterile either!
Nothing ironic about it. On some flights, the pillows and/or blankets are washed and wrapped in plastic, but on many they are not. People blow their nose into the blankets, sneeze into the pillows and blankets, wipe their feet on the blankets, prop up their shoes with the pillows, etc. Sick people sneeze into their hands and then adjust the air vent, use the IFE controls, adjust the seat, open the bins and lavatory door, etc. I wipe touch surfaces (including seat belts) with Super Sani-Cloth hospital-grade disinfecting wipes, and use a tissue to open and close the lavatory door. I also wipe touch surfaces in hotel rooms.

I understand there are no guarantees. A FA may wash his or her hands before serving, but pick up the dirty dishes and utensils of a sick passenger before bringing me my meal. The wipes help improve the odds.
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