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As a career microbiologist (with plenty of fancy, over-priced degrees), I approve this thread.

A few caveats, however.

If virus transmission is a concern, the salt has a minimal effect. There are also plenty of organisms (spores) and salinophiles (salt-lovers) that can survive the salt. There's not enough salt to act as a preservation method, it's more for the flavor.

There's also not enough heat exposure to have a major effect on the bioburden. There's also not a single layer or sufficient dispersion of heat to ensure every nut gets the same heat exposure.

Most important (then I'm done with my soapbox), I really, really like Pecans and I demand retribution for the OP just on that basis, alone!

Ironically, I wonder if people assume the pillows, blankets and seat backs are steam-cleaned between passenger contact periods. The air jets aren't sterile either!
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