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Originally Posted by T8191 View Post
We have been shifted to 'bad' seats in J, but managed to re-allocate at OLCI. On another occasion (ANU) we were able to shift, after departure, to better seats as the occupants had moved to F

It's the curse of the LGW 777, I regret. Three airframe options, and with no certainty [in our experience] of getting the airframe you thought you were getting. Constant checking prior to departure is, irritatingly, essential.
Very annoying! I had a somewhat less irritating situation with the LGW fleet. I booked 4K, the last row of the front CW cabin on the 40J LGW 777s. Then, a few weeks before departure I noticed the aircraft had been substituted for a 48J bird, meaning 4K was no longer the last row as there was an extra row behind it (meaning no direct aisle access any more for my seat). However, what to do? If I changed my seat to 5K there was a risk the aircraft would change again back to a 40J and I would lose my window seat completely. So I stayed put, waited to see if the aircraft would change back to a 40J version, it didn't, and I ended up with a good seat, but not the great seat it was! Oh well, first world problems...
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