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Originally Posted by findark View Post
Unfortunately, I think number 2 is the only one with even a prayer. The first is a peak time flight, J8 with 1.5 business weeks left to book. The third might have some chance, but down to J8 already on a 28J plane is a horrible signal.
So quick update, none of the three flights cleared. I am now 0/5 in a row on the last 5 times i tried using an RPU...

On this morning's there were 2 that cleared and I was #2 after that. It had 7/28 open when checkin started at T-24hrs and then a bunch of buy-ups must have happened or people switching onto this flight.

What I was surprised about is that I didn't get offered any buy-ups on the day on any of these flights, perhaps the economy fare was too low?

Also, the breakfast on the cross continental comfort in E+ was pretty nasty... I thought the food would be more like on the international economy flights, this was definitely below that in quality. Could have been a one-off though.
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