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Originally Posted by arrow2fast View Post
actually, when serving food, they are wearing these plastic gloves.
So no - normally their fingers do not fondle our food
Who wears plastic gloves? The FAs in the galley? I've never seen that. I have never seen hairnets either, which are standard in food service work. There are myriad ways germs can get passed around an airline cabin, both around the food and elsewhere. I just don't see this particular incident as adding much to the danger already there. As I said above, an FA picking through and eating the passenger's food before it's served is objectionable on many levels and worthy of a complaint to AA. I just don't think the sanitary aspect (or should I say the "salivary" aspect) is the worst, especially in the case of heated and salted nuts.

The only time I ever see plastic gloves on the FAs' hands are when they are collecting garbage into a bag in Y.

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