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Angry Aa crew sharing their saliva with you

Disgusting behavior of class crew member JACK on flight AA477 YVR-PHX on October 28:

My husband and I are both Emerald members and fly extensively.
Never before did we observe such a behavior of a crew before.

We were seated in the first row (Business class)
we photographed a crew member named Jack picking with his un-gloved fingers through the entire batch of nuts destined for the
business cabin passengers.
He selected nuts he liked, popped them into his mouth, continued to probe with his fingers, selected more of the same, ate them, and continued for appr. 5 minutes through the entire batch until there were none of his favorite nuts left.
Then he covered the tray and placed it into the oven to warm up. Then he took nuts from that tray and placed them in the ceramic bowls
and served to unsuspecting passengers.
Later we innocently asked him what were his favorite nuts to which he replied PECANS..

On exit we attempted to point it to him that this is extremely unhygienic
He reddened in the face but he batted us away saying that he was going through the "batch of nuts meant for the crew" and that he would never do it to nuts meant for the passengers.

First of all, we SAW him place the contaminated aluminum tray with nuts into the oven and then divide the portions for the passengers
secondly, guess what, there were no pecans left in the nuts we received,
thirdly, I doubt that a 3 person crew would receive 2 pounds nuts to share for the flight.

It was the most disgusting behavior we have ever witnessed.
dangerous to boot - what if Jack has a hep C?
do your crew members spit into passenger food when nobody is looking?

I think someone needs to explain to JACK that this is a highly risky behavior
beside being uncivilized and inappropriate.

we have photo of Jack with an open tray of nuts poking through it but it does not show him sticking them into his mouth (his back was toward us).
My husband who is also emerald member witnessed it as well
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