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Originally Posted by ajd184 View Post
Hi there, would be really grateful if someone could share load data for BA275 to Vegas on 21st November please, just wondering if there is any likelihood of 2 premium award seats opening up - many thanks in advance
Availability rather than load, but it's all I've got, sorry.
Results from https://www.ExpertFlyer.comFlight Availability Search
Departing LHR on 11/21/17 12:00 AM for LAS
Flying BA
Direct/Non-Stop Only

Flight Stops Depart Arrive Aircraft Reliability Available Classes
0 Connections
BA 275 0 LHR LAS 744 Daily F1 A0 J9 C9 D9 R9 I9 W9 E0 T0 Y9 B9 H9 K9 M8 L5 V2 S2 N2 Q0 O0 G0
11/21/17 3:50 PM 11/21/17 6:30 PM 55% / 29m
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