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Originally Posted by OzTennis View Post
Yes, I implied frequent flyers will notice, less frequent pax like me don't so much. What I do know is that (for me) the main issue with Emirates food is that halal food is not as good as non-halal food - most of their meat is rubbery and comparatively tasteless. I'd get/do get better food on an airline from without the Middle East but all things considered (i.e. direct flights from GLA to MEL) it ticks enough boxes for me. I know they wouldn't for logistical reasons and probably religious reasons but how about a halal and a non-halal menu? They serve alcoholic drink after all so tenuous religious reasons for sticking to halal. For discussion purposes you understand.
Halal or not has no implication on the tenderness of the meat. It's purely the technique used in slaughter and preparation, and which parts of the animal might be excluded from further processing, the cow ultimately is the same cow.
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