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Originally Posted by jms_uk View Post
For those who currently have status expiring in March 2019, do we know if they would still 'honour' that, or reset it on 1st April 2018?
They will surely honour it; the date was chosen to reflect the fact that some people already will have status earned to April 2019.

That is exactly one-year from the launch date of the "new" programme.

So anyone having status ending on 1 April 2019 (which is actually 31 March 2019) will have a full year to earn from the launch date of the new programme.

Originally Posted by jms_uk View Post
And going back to my question about the status earned during the first three months of 2018, under the current rules - what happens to that?
Nothing happens to it. No-one will lose status as a result of the changeover. It's just that the mechanism for re-earning is changing.

You will also see the "currency" of your requalification change on that date. (Level Miles and Segments converted to XPs).

Your anniversary date won't change; your status won't change.

EDIT: Maybe you have hit a corner-point

If you earned higher status in the first 3 months of 2018, you should, in the old scheme, have had that status up until 31 March 2020. In the "new" scheme, the scope only seems to be to give you 12 months' status [i.e. in the new scheme, no-one could earn status past April 2019 at the date of kick-off, i.e. one year from the date of attainment]. Maybe, for the few who reaqualify so soon in the new year, they make some kind of exception. I don't know.

Otherwise, you stand to lose almost a year of your status period...

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