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Originally Posted by isabeloh View Post
I've made the decision to get a private road transfer to the Kruger area from JNB for a few reasons, not the least of which is the husband is an amateur photographer with extensive and heavy camera bodies and lenses he doesn't want to pare down (and that he himself is 6'4", 275lbs and not crazy about the ides of the smaller planes.) The downside is the 6+ hour drive that by all accounts isn't very interesting. I understand this isn't really an answer to your question, but if you have the time to spare perhaps this is an option if you're worried about the luggage weight.
The flights from JNB to the Kruger Park area airports are all around 1 hour in length (or less). Depending on the airport you will fly SA Express or SA Airlink. SA Express flies Q400 turboprops and SA Airlink flies a mix of aircraft including regional jets (basically similar aircraft that United Express or American Eagle fly in the US). I am 6'2" and about 250 and found the seats a bit snug. The seat pitch wasn't terrible. I suspect it was either 31" or 32" pitch.

But you are right to be concerned about a lot of photographic equipment. My wife took two half frame camera bodies and 3 or 4 lenses and that was just about all we could fit in the cabin. If your husband as 2 or more full frame camera bodies and multiple telephoto lenses he may have an issue getting them on board.
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