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Originally Posted by sdsearch View Post
Yes, with one big exception: Cancel right now! i don't think you can wait until January, Amex has to have plenty of lead time to set up new cards, and so they will doing that presumably earlier in January (if not starting in December?), so that you have the new card by January 30 no matter what shipping troubles, etc.

So IMHO you should cancel ASAP if you plan to cancel anyway, now that all the news is out. (That's what I'm going to do. I have an HH on-fee Amex, but I've had it for more than 7 years, so I would be elegible for another bonus by now, I think, but probably not if they convert my no-fee Citi HH Visa to another no-fee HH Amex.)
I'm thinking this might be the best strategy. Since it's obvious there is no spiff for the changeover, why get entangled in untangling duplicate annual fees, etc.
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