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Originally Posted by js1metsfan View Post
Back in Sept, I signed up for the HH Surpass card, spent the 3K and got the 100K bonus special offer. At the end of that billing cycle I got hit with the $75 AF.

Now, I get the e-mail saying on 1/18/18 my Surpass will be changed over to Ascend and I will be charged a $95 AF on 2/2/18?
Doesn't that seem like double dipping on the AF? Or will I only be charged $20 on 2/2/18 and then the $95 on 2/2/19?

Otherwise I'm thinking it would be better to cancel the surpass outright (keeping the 100k points of course, and hopefully getting a pro-rated refund on the $75) and then just signing up for the Aspire in mid-Jan, pay the $450 but enjoy the $500 in credits.

If anyone has any answers on this AF question, I would greatly appreciate it!

My recollection with AF increases at AMEX is the higher AF wasn't charged until the next time you're normally charged it (which would be next September). My guess is that letter is saying anyone whose AF comes due after February 2 will be charged $95 instead of $75.
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