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Originally Posted by OceanAir View Post
I upgrade my iPhone every 2 years, so I either have a brand new one or a newish model. I am currently using a 7 and when it upgraded it to ios 11 as well as 11.02 and .03 I had serious battery issues that I noticed immediately. Granted I have a lot of programs open all the time and get a lot of alerts, but this never effected ios 10.

Apple released ios 11.1 today and I quickly upgraded the phone again. It was reported that the 11.1 update would correct for the battery problems, so there wasn't really a choice for me. So far I havent noticed a change between 11.03 and 11.1 but I have only been running 11.1 for a few hours.

For reference, I was always able to make it through a day of heavy use with iOS 10. I was never nervous that I was going to drop a call or run out of battery before the day was over. When I upgraded to ios 11, I was/am very concerned. I had to do a lot of battery saving things like decrease the brightness immediately and monitor background apps closely.
It will take a day or two for the phone to finish indexing before you'd notice any improvements.
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