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United's Problem not Yours!

Originally Posted by Baze View Post
The second picture alone would have had me in that girls face telling her to get her dog under control. That is unacceptable on it's own without your descriptions of what was going on. No need for you to be docile and appearing to accept it. Did you confront the girl? Did you say anything to anybody? Did you talk to the FA? Write into the DOT about the abuse of the ESA guidelines. Don't know what it would do but it would get it on record.
So write to United and make it known that their agent probably failed to screen this customer.

I fly a lot out of SFO and the check in agents there do a great job of making sure the documentation is up to date and correct. I've seen them turn away passengers. But in LAX I've seen check in agents not even ask for proof. So its definitely united problems.

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