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Have to agree to a point

Originally Posted by BlueHenFlyer
I don't see why I should cut them some slack for a poor room. First, they shouldn't have any crappy rooms in the hotel - not at the rates they charge - this isn't a Hampton Inn.

Second in both Hilton and Hyatt, if you request ZipIn (Hilton) or whatever Hyatt calls it, you are booked into a room and they don't change it. I'm sympathetic to those people who were stuck in Dallas. However, the simple fact is - I had a long-standing reservation, they didn't.

There's no reason to give your best customers the short end of the stick - ever.
I agree that you need to give the hotel some slack given the circumstances of the storm, but bluehenflyer is right. With a long standing reservation, he had every right to expect a decent room upon arrival. Whenever I know my travel plans will mean not arriving to the hotel until after 6PM, I always indicate so in the request section of the reservation form. At least the hotel knows to expect me late. Almost always, my room will be set up and key waiting for me when I get to the hotel.

That being said, the Sheraton at DFW is hit or miss on a good day. I spent 6-8 weeks straight there in the spring of last year and never got an upgrade and settled for mediocre rooms. They did manage to have a room ready for me at each arrival and the staff addressed me by name when i walked up to the desk!
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