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Originally Posted by dolfinco View Post
The price of the actual flight is shown as 487 fare plus 397 taxes, fees per person.


When you do the cash plus upgrade it changes to a 1124 fare plus 490 taxes, fees per person.
Originally Posted by Gshumway View Post
Take a look at the actually booking code, it probably goes from T to something else for the initial WTP.
Glitch, I reckon.

The base fare of 487 is the lowest T class DIF for those travel dates. The base fare of 1,124 is the lowest E class fare. At a guess, the DIFs have bamboozled the UuA pricing logic again.

If there is U class for the UuA, then I would just phone to do it - and explain that you got a crazy price from that looked like it had to be wrong.

The only thing that gives me pause is that ITA prices your exact itinerary using a 717 base fare for the outbound sector and that 487 base fare for the inbound. uses the 487 fare for both halves. I haven't looked at the fare rules of these fares, but it is possible that the quote is also wrong in the sense that it's offering you a DIF that isn't actually available or valid for sale. However, my guess there is that ITA is using the wrong DIF because it's seeing different underlying WT availability and therefore quoting the wrong DIF.
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