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Originally Posted by BRITINJAPAN3 View Post
Well you certainly made you statement ambiguous, referring to industries I assumed others, now you say actually just one. I realize for you there is only one correct POV but I agree with many other posters.
Actually I was also referring to the resources industry wherein accurate and unambiguous copywriting can make or break a deal with many billions of dollars.

I also made it clear that there were differing points of view (hence the phrase: "Vivre La Difference", which means that it is good and respected that there are differing opinions or points of view).

In terms of only one correct POV you might consider that I acknowledged relevant input (from Globaliser with examples of emails advising ) repeatedly, whereas number of others were very silent when proved wrong on the issue of ambiguity in the T&Cs and their certainty that credit card transfer were earning activity for the purposes of expiry of points).

That said, you are yet to articulate what your own opinions might be, so my original assessment of childish non contribution was accurate.
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