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Originally Posted by anrkitec View Post

No, that is exactly what I said. Unless you drill down into setting to turn the radios off, the phone will search for and automatically connect and disconnect to networks and hotspots as you walk into and out of their range. Those constant handoffs and disconnects cause various FM radio and podcast apps to stop/pause.
It doesn't connect to networks if you turn off Wifi in the control center. It keeps the radio on but doesn't connect to anything - so in that regard it acts like it's off. That's the part I was referring to that didn't make sense (sorry, was pre-coffee ).

So, if your phone is actually connecting to networks when you turn off Wifi in the control center, the setting must be being changed back to On somehow. Or there's a rather large and as yet undiscovered bug.

Interestingly, it appears that even if you turn off Wifi or Bluetooth in the control center, your phone will turn them back on by itself at 5am. That's rather annoying!! Maybe that's what you've encountered.
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