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Originally Posted by gfunkdave View Post
To be clear, it's just when accessed through the control center. If you go into Settings and turn wifi or Bluetooth off, they actually get turned off. Turning off Bluetooth or wifi via the control center just causes the phone to disconnect from devices and not make new connections. They do this presumably to aid location tracking, which uses neighboring wifi and bluetooth radios as additional data points.
That's just what I said.

It's a real PITA to have to dig into settings to actually turn WiFi on and off while walking/exercising

You used to be able to just swipe up from the home screen and toggle on/off.

Originally Posted by gfunkdave View Post
The behavior you describe doesn't seem related.
No, this is exactly what I was descirbing. Unless you drill down into settings to turn the radios off, the phone will search for and automatically connect and disconnect to networks and hotspots as you walk into and out of their range. Those constant handoffs and disconnects cause various FM radio and podcast apps to stop/pause.

I will say though that I wasn't completely clear about accessing WiFi on/off through control center, that's what I meant by "the buttons you used to use to toggle on and off".

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