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Originally Posted by anrkitec View Post
Well, I can provide at least one reason to not "upgrade" to 11.x.x.

In iOS 11 you can no longer turn the WiFi and Bluetooth radios off. The buttons one used to use to turn the radios off now just disconnects you from whichever network they are connected to, leaving the radios on and permanently roaming, looking for a new network or hotspot.

The practical result of this, as I have discovered, is that when I [think that] I have turned the WiFi off to switch to LTE so that I can walk around listening to FM radio or a podcast etc., the phone will automatically connect to a WiFi network or hotspot as I walk into and out of its range, which causes whichever audio app I am using to constantly stop/pause, forcing me to unlock the phone and restart the app or hit play again each time it happens.

Very frustrating - and also terrible for network security.
To be clear, it's just when accessed through the control center. If you go into Settings and turn wifi or Bluetooth off, they actually get turned off. Turning off Bluetooth or wifi via the control center just causes the phone to disconnect from devices and not make new connections. They do this presumably to aid location tracking, which uses neighboring wifi and bluetooth radios as additional data points.

The behavior you describe doesn't seem related.
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