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Originally Posted by Platy View Post
I was referring to the aviation industry (wherein I have experience writing safety training to a standard of English / copywriting which eliminated all reasonable or perceived ambiguity across numerous clients).

But that said, FWIW, it's not the airline industry that is relevant - rather any industry with a sales / service contract involving a customer overlain with legal compliance requirements (consumer and trade practices even that the prevailing legal regimen has precedence over a customer contract in Australian law) and necessity for internally monitored compliance given self imposed corporate guidelines / ethics (which would be the yardsticks by which the corporate executive would be required to follow in designing their strategy and process set for implementation).

In the event, we now have additional information (see post #65 ) , which indicates that both the logic and interpretations of some posting earlier on this thread were misplaced (however well intentioned and well reasoned).

Well you certainly made you statement ambiguous, referring to industries I assumed others, now you say actually just one. I realize for you there is only one correct POV but I agree with many other posters.

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