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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
I am not sure bernyx is given the correct information from the CS.

The term is 30 days after fee is billed, not 30 days of the statement date.

AMEX actually has the same term but AMEX bills the AF on the statement closing date so it essentially coincide with the next statement closing date and that inadvertently led people think statement date is the base of the clock starting point.

Since Chase has a fixed AF billing date which is always the first of each month, it really does not relate to the statement closing date at all.
I were the poster I would use the BILLED DATE for the 30 days count. Better yet, send an SM to get a COMMITMENT in writing from Chase so to cover yourself for any mishap down the road.
yes, they gave me the wrong information, I downgraded card on oct 14 or 15, they told me I had until 10/16 for a full refund, I only got refunded $412,
if they don't refund the remainder I will close all my accts.
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