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How was Le Jardin? It was really special when I was there last time, but then they changed a few things from what I gather.

I think the discussion to stay in or outside the medina is deeply personal, as many people (including myself) want a bit more space and resort from the hustle of Moroccan daily life inside the Medina.

La Sultana has been downhill for a number of years now and I think right now is the time where many of the resorts are either going downmarket to 4* or show their excellence. I think a number of properties could potentially be deflagged/changed, while others go from high to high.
I liked Le Jardin but wouldn't necessarily rave about it - was good for lunch while we were wandering around with our guide. The setting/atmosphere is more memorable than the food I guess.

Agree it's personal re riad vs resort. I think next trip we'd do riad for a few nights to spend some time again in the medina and then perhaps a resort to relax and see area around. One good thing about La Sultana was our suite was very big and given it is a combination of 5 riads, there is actually quite a bit of space and areas to relax.
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