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There is a thread about Caresse in the Starwood forum. It is part of their luxury collection. I posted about my visit there as some of my stay satisfaction stemmed from my Starwood platinum status. I was given an upgrade to a suite and was also given free breakfast. However, should you pay for a suite, it is far less than prices were at Amanruya and includes the breakfast. On a future stay, I might pay in order to be assured of the suite as it is worthy of the price. As its reputation builds, the possibility for complimentary upgrades will lessen.

Let me try to say a few things from the perspective of this forum. I often don't think that Starwood's collection of luxury properties understand luxury service. The GM and staff at this hotel truly do. The focus is on creating customer satisfaction. If we needed something in our room, staff was very prompt. If we had a question at a meal, staff tried hard to be responsive. If their English comprehension was not sufficient, they went in search of someone with greater fluency. We were checked on several times by more senior staff to see if everything was to our satisfaction. Here's an example. The first morning we were offered fresh made crepes with nutella or with orange sauce/lemon wedge/powdered sugar. I preferred the latter. The next day, a different chef was on who wasn't sure of what I wanted when I asked for orange sauce. He created something that was a bit different but absolutely outstanding.

The GM, Makis Antonatos, is terrific. He came from Starwood's luxury collection on Mykonos. He lives on property with his wife and child. We had a far ranging conversation about luxury hotels, life in Bodrum, guests in general, and what we wanted yet from our stay. He immediately booked a special Turkish dinner by his chef and the boat ride we wanted. He made sure he was on property when we left for some final words.

I suggested that they set up boat service to Bodrum Harbor. It was a challenge to drive there and find parking during off season. I shudder to think what it will be like in July and August. It turns out that he and his team were already working to offer a shuttle service back and forth. Perfect! Then you can have the pleasure of the boat trip, see the castle/Undersea Museum, eat shawarma, and go shopping - and then return to the peace of the hotel.

All hotels along this stretch of land have rectangular plots that drop from the main road down to the sea. They really are cheek to jowl. Once on property we were oblivious to adjacent hotels. However, our stunning view was over the swimming pool and seating areas. I can imagine that when the summer season is in full stride there will be considerable buzz. If you want solitude at all times, such as our villa at Amanoi gave us, this might not be the place for you.

We drove a rental car to the hotel. In season, the hotel will have Maseratis for the transfer. I would likely choose this.

I believe there are 67 or so rooms and suites so this is not a large property. There are an exceptional range of places to sit and enjoy the property, whether beach loungers, cabanas, under shade, in the sun. The choices go on and on.

If you met Ali at Amanoi when he worked there 3 to 4 years ago, he is now working at Caresse. He moved to Amanruya and now to Caresse. We met several employees who had come from Amanruya.

We were exceptionally happy with our stay and will be happy to return should our travels bring us to this area.
Thank you so much for your posts on Caresse. Your feedback was the trigger to book a quick getaway in 2 weeks to Bodrum instead of Dubai/Middle East.

Do you happen to have the email of the manager? I would like to contact him. Thank you in advance!
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