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Heaven knows I'd love to find something to replace TripIt, but for all of its quirks it mostly does its job. Mostly.

My main issue with using TripIt is that when something is technically wrong it takes me dozens of emails (often with supporting screen shots) to convince the TripIt people that I DO know how to use their app. When I say that something isn't there, it really, really isn't there.

My most recent back/forth with them was when they imported a trip and transposed the dates on the trip so that instead of showing (for instance) from Sept 8 to Sept 11, it imported the trip as August 9 until November 9. They told me that I created the trip incorrectly, until I pointed out that this particular trip was created when they imported my flight info. Then it was hah, hah, oopsie on their end.

Here's hoping that there are more positive reviews of TripCase here. I'd love to find a better alternative!
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