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I have an Aviator Red that was converted from the USAirways card. In May 2017 I was approved for a second card with a 40,000 bonus. I closed this second card on 9/1 and applied for the current 60,000 offer on 10/8. Instant denial! Called 866-408-4064 and was told in no uncertain terms that I cannot be approved because I already have a card open. No ifs, ands, or buts!!

Today I received a denial letter in the mail and it said I was denied because "...you already established the maximum allowable number of this product with us." The above number was provided in the letter so I called and asked the rep to explain why I was denied. She was quite nice and told me she could take a look at my credit and, if I agreed to a hard pull, see if she could approve the application. In less than five minutes she came back and said the application was approved. A few hours later I received an approval email. I checked online and the 60,000 mile bonus is listed in the benefits section.

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