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Originally Posted by 3ur0tr45h View Post
Did you confuse WN with G4/NK? WN may have started that way but they aren't now. Good planes, good seats with an honest amount of foot room, still serve honey-roasted peanuts (the only proper airplane snack IMO), cheap drinks, free bags, great in-flight experience.
That may be what some consider as the benchmark, perhaps it is an age thing. There was a time, not too long ago, that airlines were not forced to fill every seat to make a profit, travel agents would have the ability to block seat next to elite customers in economy, would most always stuck. Elites also had better than 50% chance for an upgrade to first on most every flight. We would joke and kid about the quality of the free meal in coach, which many now are happy to pay for an inferior offering.

It was WN's entry in to the market that destroyed the cost structures enabling such civilized travel, that ironically they no longer can support, as their cost structures are now on par with full service carriers, despite protracted labor negotiations.

When I was forced to fly WN - enough to each A-list status for several years - I would limit their flights to nonstops, of 2 hours maximum. Everyone is bright and cheery ("take any seat") during the A boarding group, which quickly devolves to "it is a short flight" discomfort rationalization when the C group boards.

If you enjoy WN so much - I am truly happy for you - what are you doing in an AS forum?
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