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Originally Posted by diver858 View Post

Confirms that it was indeed WN who started the race to the bottom, attempting to convince people that there is no need for comfort and amenities when traveling, price is all that matters.
Did you confuse WN with G4/NK? WN may have started that way but they aren't now. Good planes, good seats with an honest amount of foot room, still serve honey-roasted peanuts (the only proper airplane snack IMO), cheap drinks, free bags, great in-flight experience.

WN is an airline that appeals to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. Many of us AS folks are pretentious and don't represent the average flyers or even frequent flyers. For most, WN just works with a frequency that's hard to beat. They're the iPhone of the aviation industry. We've all had bad experiences with them but we've had bad experiences everywhere. They aren't the biggest on accident and as others have pointed out, it's not because they are the cheapest.

I'm a 75k but you can bet if WN came to BLI I'd be throwing them a decent amount of business.
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