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Originally Posted by diver858 View Post
AS has a built-in base of loyal customers, willing to pay a small premium:
1. Y+ or first class seats
2. Reserved, premium seating
3. Elites, who generally do not shop solely on price
4. Customers with companion pass from BofA credit card

The balance will select a carrier primarily on price, AS will have some extra $$ from the above to discount (where necessary) just enough seats to fill the plane, still enjoy a profit; much less so for WN.

It will also take some time for WN to build the fleet (and staff) required to provide the same level of service. In the short term, WN may be able to service a few west coast gateways to HNL and possibly OGG, leaving a nice chunk of business to AS.
Originally Posted by SF1K View Post
100% - for as many as love WN there are as many (me) that hate them. I can barely tolerate flying them from the Bay Area to So. Cal, and will not fly them to Hawaii.
As needs to be pointed out occasionally here, FTers are not normal fliers and don't represent the bulk of people that fill these planes. WN is the biggest domestic airline and the biggest in CA for a reason - they offer a good (the best?) product for people who don't care about extra legroom or first class but who do want free bags, no change fees, open seating and the largest network from large secondary airports like SMF, OAK, SJC and SAN.
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