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Originally Posted by CX30616 View Post
Anyone have the experience for 18 night plat challenge for Marriott? Saw in other forum, people get 18 night plat challenge by email. As I will have 4 stay with 13 night in December, I think it will be easier to have 5 nights instead of 5 stays
Are you sure you aren't referring to the SPG Platinum Challenge:

Offer: Members must register by December 31, 2017, and choose a consecutive three-month (3-month) earning period (the "Challenge Period") from the options provided at time of registration. For example, if a member registers in February 2017, the Challenge Period options from which to choose are: January-March 2017, February-April 2017 or March-May 2017. Platinum Status Challenge participants must complete 18 Eligible Paid Nights at hotels and resorts that participate in the SPG program within their Challenge Period. Gold Status Challenge participants must have nine (9) Eligible Paid Nights within their Challenge Period. SPG Award Nights do not count as Eligible Paid Nights for the purpose of the Status Challenge. Only eligible paid nights consumed within the selected Status Challenge period will count toward the Status Challenge.
That said, now that I see that, as a Marriott Gold, I have automatic SPG Gold match. So does anyone know if I can use the SPG platinum challenge to get SPG platinum and then have that matched back to Marriott Platinum?
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