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TXL-CDG in Dec - Orbitz doesn't understand

I have a PRG-TXL then TXL-CDG flight on Air Berlin on 15-Dec. Obviously those flights won't occur. Looking for some guidance though as Orbitz is totally clueless.

PRG-TXL is on LGW. So if I read right, that legitimately may still occur, correct?
TXL-CDG however is on AirBerlin. This will not occur, correct?

All that said - my ticket is issued on FINNAIR stock and bizarrely enough the TXL-CDG and onward to Chicago is listed as codeshare on American Air. TXL-CDG is physically AirBerlin whilst CDG-ORD is physically American Air.

Soooooo....what should I expect/do? Do I just need to wait for Orbitz to get the cancellation notice on that one flight and give me something new? Anything else I can do proactively? I've had two agents now argue with me and tell me that TXL-CDG is an American OPERATED flight, which we all know it isn't - so I'm a bit at a loss of how to convey this
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