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I am sitting in The Club by Gate 11 Terminal E and it’s awful. The basement vibe coming down the hall made me wonder if security would question me being in part of the airport I shouldn’t be. There are no plugs anywhere near the main seating area and a few along the wall. They can’t even get the Red Sox game on the tv for the playoffs.
Does it look like it has been refurbished yet? There was word that they were going to refurbish the area, and install showers into the lounge (no idea where, though I had thought that perhaps the old BA lounge was going to be used for "The Club" and that the current space was only temporary).

I was going to pop by a little later tonight to see if much had changed as I've got a flight later but I don't think I'll bother! If entering on a Priority Pass, then you've got the Air France Lounge at the other end of Terminal E. I don't find the Air France Lounge to be too bad - and tends to be quite happy for you to change television channels: the front desk have given me the remote control to change the channels on more than one occasion in the past couple of years! I was tempted to leave the television on some naughty channels before but decided that I might not be allowed back in again!
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