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Originally Posted by QF WP
It appears that this will be our last major international leisure trip, as impending (after the trip) serious work on having children will definitely hasten the demise of my leisure induced MR's. So I want to "go out" in style.
A growing family is not the end of life as you know it . Its a wonderful change and does not need to be the end of flying or MR's . But it does add some constraints that may not have been there otherwise. Bit make the most of the practice time while it lasts .
Originally Posted by QF WP
(Mrs QF WP is a point to point traveller, not via C and if I want to stay married and with all anatomical parts still attached to my body...) Perhaps the only person who could convince her is NM (sorry Dave, would need to be a local BNE person).
Better get that BBQ arranged. Will opening a 1989 Penfolds Bin 389 help bring her around to the right way of seeing things?

Now, assuming it is only your fare that can be tax deducted, and given the cost of points-based upgrades, I suggest you are best to use points for Mrs QF WP and pay for your fare.

Remember that QF is not the only OneWorld carrier to offer J awards to LHR. So get on the phone to QF and ask about CX and BA availability. Personally, unless I could affort two F awards (and they were available), I would not be rsiking one F award and one paid J hoping for Z upgrade.

Given the date constraints I would happy to take CX or BA as an option to QF if they could meet the right dates. Time on the ground in UK is probably an important criteria. It dies not cost all that many more points for a mixed carrier award. CX is always a great option so you can show Mrs QF WP the Pier/Wing lounges and score some more brownie points.

I am not sure what other paid discount J options are available in addition to those mentioned involving AY. But that is also a valid option. We can sell the BNE-SIN-BKK-HEL-LHR routing around the use of the F lounges along the way. And since BKK won't show on the ticket, you may neglect to mention that little "technical" stopover .
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