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I don't disagree that the 77X could have a place in the LY fleet but given LYs financial and operational history it may behoove LY to focus on commonality for a bit. Get the fleet focused on a small subsect of planes over necessarily most opportune/maximized yields.
I also agree that Boeing may not be as friendly if LY goes for a CS order though that could potentially be leveraged for a good deal on 737s. The CS series is still new with less than 15 deliveries and working out the operational quirks. This happens with pretty much all jets but the jet itself is not yet proven as effective and may not be as good of a fit over other possibilities.

Originally Posted by rafi2k6 View Post
Since when is 20 years old for LY......?

I wouldn't expect them to order any MAX aircraft for at least 5 years.
What might be interesting for them is to do a combined MAX & C Series.

The CS100 & CS300 would allow for a lot of growth into smaller but lucrative markets.

It's a pipedream though. Boeing would never allow it.

Still, would be nice to LY's fleet consist of:

I think the real question is whether LY will order the 777X. They can use the capacity to places like London, Paris, Moscow, New York and probably Los Angeles as the market continually develops.
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