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Originally Posted by Los_Pepes View Post
I wrote Delta an emphatic Dear John letter last year. In the letter I referenced a specific date I flew and someone over there figured out who my employer was and called our VP or Procurement (we are a 100,000+ employee company) to share my letter. I got a call from HQ wondering what the heck was going on. Mind you I sent the email from my personal email account, never referenced my company name and was upset but not obscene in any way.

I have been a platinum for 5 years and 2017 was the year I decided to walk away from my status. Last year I had 110 flown segments and this year I have about 25. I now fly whatever is cheapest and most convenient. I used to do whatever was necessary to preserve my status and I just don't care anymore. I have even flown Spirit Air this year!

Delta not only lost me, but my entire family as well. I have taken my family on 6 trips this year and flew Delta I think twice whereas last year I would have been 6 for 6. I currently have 3 overseas trips booked with my family and none are with Delta. If they were the cheapest and most convenient I would have taken them. We are all looking forward to trying Norwegian Premium in a few weeks.

Delta's loyalty program engenders ZERO loyalty.
Wow. Doxing?

If they call my CEO, I am going to have a stern talk with myself. At the end of that conversation, I will have clearly communicated to myself what I expect of myself.
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