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Originally Posted by drewguy View Post
Are you on the same PNR? Wouldn't they clear together or not at all (at least until day of flight)?
We are on the same PNR. I'm not sure how upgrades work because I haven't tried to apply an instrument for a companion in years back when I was 1K and had GPUs to use internationally.

Originally Posted by drewguy View Post
Perhaps your employer wouldn't pay for more than a coach ticket, but you really want to upgrade yourself (and by "you" I mean the hypothetical person UA is targeting).
Even if I was that hypothetical person, why wouldn't I just buy the first class ticket outright and not even bother having my employer buy me a ticket at all? I've never had a job where my employer flew me anywhere, but I can't imagine any employer would force you to make them buy you a ticket and force you to fly on it rather than paying for something else out of your own pocket - particularly if it's on the same flight.
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