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Good Move

Originally Posted by gigglypug View Post
Sent this to Customer Care after receiving a canned reply justifying their new policy by explaining how much this improves the situation for the remaining Diamonds. Know this doesn't change anything out there, but it felt/feels therapeutic 😄 To all the remaining Diamonds out there, enjoy my share of upgrades after January 2018 and my GUC share after January 2019 ❤️


Thanks for the reply, but are you seriously suggesting that I should just be happy to be a Delta Platinum when (at my current spend and miles) I would qualify in the top tier for either United or AA??

Delta has had a higher bar than other airlines for quite some time, but this was mitigated/justified with the roll-over program for miles and the Amex waiver for MQD. With the waiver (for all intents and purposes) gone, any current Diamond with a spend between $12,000 and $14,999 is better off elsewhere....

For me, it's all about the GUCs (which are not available to Platinums). Imagine my surprise and delight to discover that on United, I will get 6 of them!! Also, they have a lounge at SNA, my preferred airport!! And, they didn't just move into a DUMP of a terminal at LAX!! And, my whole family can sit with me in their equivalent of Comfort + !! And they have much better options to New Zealand, South America and Asia!! Polaris looks at least equivalent to Delta One (and actually, the suites to Asia look incredibly claustrophobic!), so no problem there...

Honestly, I never looked at any other airline and I suppose I should thank you for opening my eyes. I had blind loyalty to Delta since I started flying almost weekly 8 years ago and I was (and still am) very happy with the service I received...but now I know that there are other options and I intend to status match into the United program the beginning (rather than the end) of 2018.
Good move. I love it when U.S. consumers have choices. For me, I am sticking with Delta because other airlines are pretty much the same or soon will be. What one airline does they others almost always follow. So, devaluation on AA, UA, and DL ensures the other follow.

So, another airline. Go for it.

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