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Angry Wyndham completely messed it up but refuses to do anything. What should I do?

Dear friends,

I've never thought about experiencing any hotel issues which warrants a thread on Flyertalk asking for what I should do...

But this comes true. And I need your advise and suggestions.

I am infuriated, really.

Okay. The story is super simple. I am a Wyndham Rewards member. I made a reservation directly on wyndhamhotels.com in August for a one-night stay at a Super 8 during my business trip. (I did NOT prepay.) They had problems delivering my confirmation email but that was eventually (after rounds of talks) solved. I'll skip it.

The stay was uneventful. Upon check-out, they printed out a folio that shows:

Room Rate $0.00 Tax and Fees $0.00 Credit Card: ($xx.xx)

So my business office asked me why I paid them $xx.xx when the room was free. I said of course that was not free and $xx.xx was indeed the total charge. They said okay then show us a folio with the correct amounts.

I contacted Super 8, they said it was an internet reservation and they could only print out what the system has. They wanted me to contact Wyndham.

I contacted Wyndham and received some standard response like the "we regret that we did not meet your expectation" nonsense. And following that was their super useful excuse for doing nothing: "the property is independently owned and operated and we believe the best resolution is to contact the property directly."

I turned back to that Super 8 and told them how Wyndham responded. The Super 8 people told me whatever Wyndham said did not change the fact that they (the Super 8) couldn't change what the Wyndham system showed. The system showed the wrong amount, they had to print out the wrong amount.

The Super 8 people said the error could be due to a special rate. But I didn't use any promo code, discount code, voucher, etc. It wasn't even a corporate rate, special event rate, or whatsoever. I just simply went on to their OFFICIAL website and made the reservation. Nothing special in any sense.

Following communication with Wyndham ended up with the EXACTLY SAME response, leading me to think whether they really have a human being responding my complaint. "The property is independently owned and operated and we believe the best resolution is to contact the property directly" crap. Always.

I decided to take this further. I filed a complaint with BBB. Guess what? Same response, AGAIN.

I certainly didn't accept their response. And then, BBB told me that the case WAS CLOSED.

End of story.

I'm just fed up with it. The only thing I requested for is a folio showing the correct amount I paid. Why the hell is that difficult?

So. What do you think I should do?

Kind regards

1. My accounting department approved my reimbursement. I don't feel that they should have done that a month earlier, as some suggested. Because as I mentioned, my confirmation email (which arrived two weeks later) only showed the room rate. My folio, as well as my CC statement, showed the total charge. Our accounting folks had no way to know if the difference (total charge - room rate) was really the tax or not, because nothing showed that different was indeed a tax. They chose to believe me (or they chose to avoid further chaos), and I (somehow) appreciate it.
2. I checked my CC statement. I did NOT prepay. I was charged upon checkout. Maybe I accidentally chose another "special rate" when I was not at all informed. But at least I didn't choose the prepaid special rate. With that said, I see no reason Wyndham can't reflect that on a folio.
3. My folio does NOT show a $0 balance. It showed the property charged me $xx.xx on my CC but the room was free. So, technically, according to the folio, Wyndham actually OWES me money. I know that's a loophole, but I don't plan to chargeback. It's not entirely the right thing to do, nor do I want to waste my time.

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