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My favorite story. Flying JFK-MSP, on an A330, flight delayed after FA's got stuck in traffic, gate next to the SC by the end of a moving walkway. Crowded gate area. GA made an announcement to try to clear the SP area as they start boarding Premium. This guy comes up behind me talking really loud on his BT headset. After he finishes his important call.
Him: "There are too many people in line who don't belong here."
Me: "Well there are like 34 seats and Diamonds."
Him: "Well your not Premium."
Me: "Yeah I am."
Him: "Let me see your boarding pass."
Me: "No."
Him: "You have to show me."
Me: "Are you a GA?"
Him: "Show me."
Me: "I'm done talking to you."
So he grabs the shoulder of the guy to the left of me and tries to turn him around and asks him for his boarding pass. That guy says "Get your hands off of me" which causes the BT guy to poke him and say "show me your boarding pass". Well now I'm thinking that there's going to be a fight, there would have except for the wise girlfriend of the poked guy who convinces him to ignore the guy. He did until he got to the front of the line where he told the GA that he wanted to file an assault complaint against the poker guy. I board, the annoying guy boards ans sits across from me in F. Maybe 20 minutes later two Police Officers come onto the plane and tell the guy to grab his stuff and step off of the plane. The annoying guy says that he needs to get to LA for an important deal, and they ignore him and walk him off the flight. Ran into the guy he poked on the flight and congratulated him for getting the guy tossed from the flight. As I had a nice glass of Woodford, I smiled and hoped that he missed the VERY IMPORTANT meeting. Classic DYKWIA moment.
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