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Originally Posted by helvetic View Post
I'm faced with the choice of flying tomorrow in 772 coffin class or in 744 coffin class… (upper deck is booked up). Are they equally narrow, or is there an advantage to one over the other.

Previously, I've always been able to select an upper deck seat, but it looks like I'm out of luck on this one. There's 3 seats open in F (which as a P fare I can't upgrade into) on the 744, so my inclination is to hope an UD pax gets upgraded and I can snag the seat last minute.

Any thoughts?
IPTE C in the 747-400 is always going to be a better pick because of the wider cabin fuselage. This means the middle 4 seats, especially the middle most seats, aren’t as quite close together. Further, downstairs IPTE C seats on the 747 ate fractionally wider and longer than the 777 (upper-deck are shorter and more angled), and my perception was that the aisles were always a hair wider.

The only thing to say about the IPTE 777 is that some may prefer this option because of the small C mini-cabin behind F.
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