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Originally Posted by sxc234 View Post
For example:

- 15K pts for short haul economy flights (max base ticket price of $300) = 10% return as you only have to spend $3K in the 5x category

-100K pts for Long Haul business class in North America (max base ticket price of $1800) = 9% return

-$250K pts for worldwide business class (max base ticket price of $4500) = 9% return
the percentage return is only accurate when you get a ticket at the maximum price allowed. If you get a ticket that had a base fare of let's say $200, then your return is 6.7%

BUT, do you have to pay taxes & fees on these tickets or do the points cover the whole cost? in the latter case the return could potentially be even higher than 10%. i've never used fixed price redemptions of this kind before, like RBC Rewards and Air Miles to name a couple.
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